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Yes Zee

With a turnover of EUR 35 million in 2023, Essenza Spa, the owner of the YES ZEE brand, specialises in the jacket business, especially in winter, which accounts for 40% of the company’s turnover. Only shoes are missing from the Yes Zee wardrobe. Today, the company develops a complete total look for both men and women in three lines: Natural Feeling, Jeans and Urban.

Essenza wants to represent a natural way of interpreting fashion as an expression of one’s lifestyle: from this inspiration comes a company in which the commitment of the creative team and the products are the clear result of a continuous search for the true nature of things.

Fashions pass but Essenza, precisely because of its meaning, remains and evolves its objectives and style from collection to collection, manifesting a constant harmony with the times by interpreting our way of life with new ideas, trends and needs.

To all this Essenza responds with the name Yes Zee, a dynamic fashion proposal for a youthful customer, attentive to changes and at the same time oriented to satisfy their style needs through quality products, with attention to detail, at a fair price.

This is the guarantee of our continuity and the strength that has accompanied us since 1992


You can find us at the Centro Tessile Milano

/ Pad B

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