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We unveil the must have accessories of the coming season

Fall is just around the corner, and now is the right time to officially define the accessories that will be the stars of all women’s outfits this season.

The tie: not just for him.
It has literally depopulated in women’s collections and, all the designers, have offered looks on the runway with ties of all kinds: slim, total black, short and double and leather.

The fur hat: enveloping warmth The must-have model of the coming 2024 is the wide-brimmed maxi hat entirely covered in faux fur, featuring intense and fluorescent hues.
The looks will be made eye-catching and distinctive by the various furry accessories; these include the eco fur maxi hats. Acid green and deep red shades will predominate.

Gloves? Dare word “mittens”
Say goodbye to classic leather, wool or fleece gloves, this year mittens will depopulate. The trendiest variants presented on the catwalk are strictly super voluminous.

Pointed shoes and style is assured.
Models with square toes, which are inspired by 2000s fashion, stand out. Among the must-have models, sabots and pumps with a pyramid heel and rectangular toe will not be missed in one’s closet, or store.

A touch of light with maxi jewelry.
Next winter will see the return of a “maximalist” trend of large-sized sculptural maxi jewelry, going for geometric or floral shapes.

Once again this year there will be many accessories that can make your outfits unique for work or to show off in your free time. Don’t be caught unprepared.