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Profumia Group

Presenting itself to you today, Profumia first of all affirms its Italian-ness by proposing itself as the heir of a tradition made of knowledge and craftsmanship.

Our idea is for environments to be enriched with an olfactory business card that expresses your identity and is “seen” in the personalization of the product.

Scent is an identity sign so, if a precise scent is perceived in an environment, always the same, you will have an identity also to the sense of smell of your customers but, more widely, of the entire universe of your contacts. And if this “fragrance” is accompanied by your brand or rather is part of it, its authorship comes out of anonymity and finds its reason for being in your style, in your mood.

This is what Profumia proposes: to complete your brand with an olfactory identity, to add your “scent” to the image you project to your audience.

A room or car perfumer, a scented gadget that you can add to your commercial or merchandising proposal or simply give to your customers, of course all punctually personalized with your brand.

Giving yourself a bit of imagination, you could even go so far as to think of your own perfumery line capable of presenting itself independently in the personal products market as has been done, successfully, in the fashion industry for years. Why not?


You can find us at the Centro Tessile Milano

/ Pad M / 2° piano

Are interested? Contac Profumia Group for more information.