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The maiden that the Greeks referred to as the Goddess Persephone. The Kore.

A neoclassical flicker sinks into the seductive drive of a young woman prone to cocktail & party dresses cut to a contemporary anatomy.

Short, very short, structured on the ethereal cadence of tulle and viscose, hyper decorated. Or ladylike, played on layers of voile, drapery, godet lines.

Neoclassical-festive, the new Kore moves among grids of stones, friezes of baguettes, pavets of small dazzling pearls.

Tracing the new glam déco coordinates is Andrea Cazzaniga, the brand’s soul.

Born in 1977, he is the son ‘of art’, steeped in the same textile culture that his mother Rosanna Cighetti, an architect lent to fashion, put into her collections as far back as the 1980s, when she invented milleraiesque piqué shirts with exclusive embroidery designs, which immediately entered the most beautiful shops in Milan.

A few years later, the La Kore atelier was born, full of elegant and light clothes, structured knitwear on cashmere and noble fibres, and unique pieces such as origami shirts, i.e. blouses and tops worked in small hives created with embossed copper sheets and inserted in special moulds to obtain a three-dimensional textile design.

On this manufacturing culture, Andrea has built a young world, an expression of the exuberant nightlife that animates the clubs whose communication he managed in the 1990s.

Entrepreneur, able to combine déco-chic vocation with market vision to create a brand with a clear, precise identity.

Kore is a continuous oxymoron: erotically bon-ton, sweetly aggressive, poetically passionate.

The clothes are distinguished by a perfect fit and a construction made in Italian workshops: only the embroideries, dense and complex, are sourced in India and brought back to the made-in-Italy manufacture, for a final result of the highest quality at an unbeatable price.

The feedback is in the numbers: +40% turnover per season and a distribution that touches twenty countries in the world with about 200 multi-brand customers.


You can find us at the Centro Tessile Milano

/ Pad P

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