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Ammo Fitness Studio


My passion for sport has led me to invest in this sector, and the satisfaction and achievements I have attained through perseverance, motivation and determination have made me a better person.

AMMO FITNESS STUDIO is a reality aimed at maximising your well-being and improving your sporting performance, a centre where you can share your passion with other sportsmen and women.

The studio’s method is based on customising the protocol according to the client’s needs and possibilities; we work closely together, supporting them every step of the way and accompanying them towards the goal!

Motivation plays a key role, in the studio we want you to regain an awareness of what you can do if you really want to, visualise the goal and together we will achieve it.

How do we work? There is no one word to define our method, having tried different disciplines we combine the best exercises to achieve the best results. Overload training in the gym, at home or in the home gym allows you to achieve a toned and defined body that is athletically fit for any situation.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio, our goal is to create together a sustainable path that can be carried out without any stress, believing in the process of growth and regaining awareness.


You can find us at the Centro Tessile Milano

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Are interested? Contac Ammo Fitness Studio for more information.