Centro Tessile Milano, offers customers, Italian and foreign the opportunity to discover a preview of the season's trends. With 180 businesses that operate on 140,000 mq2 the Centro Tessile Milano is a focal point for all national and international players in the fashion system.

At the Centre you will find a complete selection of the very best items available from the Italian fashion industry:

  • From clothing to packaging
  • From knitwear to underwear
  • From leather goods to shoes
  • From costume jewellery to accessories
  • From home decor fabrics to household linens
  • From cloth to needles and thread
  • From store furniture distributors to important brand name clothing agency showrooms.

The product range goes from medium to high level Italian ready-to-wear fashion.
The firms present at the Centre are very diversified as well: this permits you to choose from a wide and diverse selection – both in terms of quality and price range – also offering various different sales and distribution options.
Each shop is its own boss: each firm establishes its own purchase and sales policies, often proposing their own collections by presenting small samples.

The winning criteria of the products present at the Milan Textile Centre are:
- flashes in line with fashion trends
- honest price/quality ratio
- weekly renewal of the fashions flashes
- constant re-assortment of Basic
- innovative home textile proposals

The advantages of the Milan Textile Centre for retailers are:

  • Time and money saved: by purchasing ready-made and being able to choose from the flashes of ready-made fashion the retailer will select currently trendy models and colours more quickly, thus satisfying current market requests more efficiently.
  • The retailer will have a more efficient stock turnover, thus preventing an inventory of left-over material – one of the main costs of running a business
  • The retailer can work directly with merchandise from the supplier's warehouse
  • It will reduce the costs of unsold inventory and its storage
  • The advantages will result in higher profit margins

Today, with 190 shops and showrooms, 140,000m² of exhibition space and 2,000 leading brand names, the Milan Textile Centre has become the most important specialized wholesale clothing and home-textile centre in all of Italy.

Home furnishing textiles
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